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The American Cybernetics Story


American Cybernetics was founded by Dr. John Waynelovich while working as a postdoctoral fellow for the US National Security Agency. He was tasked with creating Artificial Intelligence that would allow small drones to navigate by computer vision through GPS denied areas.


Upon completion of the project, he decided to take some well earned rest and on a lark, began making his first feature film. After gaining a distribution agreement from Lionsgate for a screenplay, work on pre-production began in earnest.  Coming from outside of the industry, he quickly realized just how inefficient the entire process was. While budgeting for a cast and crew of 50 people, he wondered why no one was pushing the boundaries of what technology could do to improve the situation. When Covid-19 forced the production to shut down indefinitely, he decided it was an opportune time to develop a new strategy.


So, leveraging his experience in computational science, human biophysics, and artificial intelligence, he got to work. 2 years later, the company is now in a position to revolutionize the world of digital filmmaking.


American Cybernetics allows filmmakers to shoot scenes anywhere, without the need for a specific location or costumes. Simply by capturing the faces and body movements of the actors, we obtain enough information to create a fully photo-realistic scene after the fact. You can read more about or process in our Virtual Filmmaking page above.

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